MLA 2019 Sessions

Below is a list of sessions organized by WCML as well as other feminist organizations and MLA committees. You can learn more about each organization by clicking on their name. Sessions marked with * are included as part of the MLA Presidential Theme, “Textual Transactions.”

  • Cash Bar Arranged by the Women’s Caucus for the Modern Languages, Feministas Unidas, Women in French, and Women in German
    Friday, Jan 4 7:15-8:30pm / Grand Ballroom D South, Hyatt Regency

Women’s Caucus for the Modern Languages

  • *Harassment over Time: When #MeToo Becomes #MeThen and #MeAgain
    Thursday, Jan 3 1:45-3:00pm / Roosevelt 3, Hyatt Regency
  • *Turning Gold into Straw: The Feminization of Contingent Labor
    A collaborative session with Feministas Unidas
    Saturday, Jan 5 1:45 3:00pm / Columbus CD, Hyatt Regency
  • *Alt-Ac: When Quit Lit Becomes (Positive) Chick Lit
    Sunday, Jan 6 8:30-9:45 am / Michigan 3, Hyatt Regency

Feministas Unidas

  • Gender(s), Language, and Identities in Hispanic Studies
    Friday, Jan 4 5:15-6:30 / Sheraton Ballroom I, Sheraton Grand

Women in French

  • *Radical Transactions: Teaching Women in French and the Twenty-First-Century Classroom
    Thursday, Jan 3 3:30-4:45pm / Erie, Sheraton Grand
  • *Adaptations: Aesthetic, Textual, and Cultural Transactions in Contemporary Francophone Practices of Rewriting
    Saturday, Jan 5 1:45–3:00pm / Missouri, Sheraton Grand

Women in German

  • Defining Bodies: Medical Discourses in German-Speaking Countries
    Friday, 4 Jan 3:30-4:45pm / Michigan B, Sheraton Grand

Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession

  • Supporting the Vulnerable: Responsibility and Academic Freedom
    Thursday, Jan 3 12:00-1:15pm / New Orleans, Hyatt Regency
  • What is the Status of Women in the Profession?
    Friday, Jan 4 5:15-6:30pm / Roosevelt 3, Hyatt Regency
  • Vulnerable Positions? Feminism and Contingent Labor
    Sunday, Jan 6 8:30-9:45 / Randolph 3, Hyatt Regency

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