Expanded MLA 2020 CFPs

Women’s Caucus for the Modern Languages:  MLA 2020 CFPs!

Please distribute these CFPS for MLA 2020 widely, and send in a proposal yourself. 

1)  Balancing Acts:  Academia’s Gendered Cost of Living

Description:  This roundtable examines how women and men pay dearly for degrees in “feminized” fields.  We know about students’ economic debts, which women have more of, while earning fewer dollars for repayment.  What about the other expenses, psychological and social, of seeking degrees, pursuing jobs, maintaining community, and supporting family?  How do you decide what load the budget can bear, negotiate spending, and the bottom line in these venues?    250-word proposal; two-page c.v.; no title needed. 

Send proposals to:  Michelle A. Massé (mmasse@lsu.edu)

2)  All Too Human:  Gender and Aging in Academic Workforces

Co-sponsored with the Age Studies Transdisciplinary Connections Forum

Description:  This collaborative roundtable examines aging/gender in academic life stages.  We are interested in the non-linear temporal torsions in academia’s timeline entangling chronological age and career stage.  The Neverland of graduate studies/contingent labor that suggests one is too young for adult identity, mid-career responsibilities, as well as retirement’s Promised Land, which may be unenterable, but is also yoked to being too old to continue working, are some key examples.  250-word proposal; two-page c.v.; no title needed. 

Send proposals to:  Michelle A. Massé (mmasse@lsu.edu

3)  Being Online: Risks and Rewards for Women in Academe

Description:  Gift or poison? Source of solidarity or star system? Means of connection and collaboration or more uncounted work? This guaranteed roundtable will build on the conference theme of “being human” by addressing the risks and rewards of being online for women in academe. How is social media used to counter and/or reinforce institutional inequities? What unique opportunities and/or threats—professional, political, personal—does it pose? 250-word proposal; two-page c.v.; no title needed.

Send proposals to:  Rebecca Colesworthy (rebecca.colesworthy@gmail.com)

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