Hard Copy Membership Form

In order to encourage membership among graduate students and part-time faculty members, WCML has dropped membership dues for those whose income is below $20,000/year. This is only one strategy of many in our campaign to revitalize our membership. If you wish to take advantage of this membership opportunity, please email Dr. Stacey Amo directly (staceymarieamo at gmail.com) to register as a new WCML member.

You can also renew your membership online.

WCML Membership Form

Name ______________________________________________________
Mailing address  ______________________________________________
E-mail address   ______________________________________________
Institutional affiliation _________________________________________

Dues Categories (based on salary):

$80,000+ $40
$60,001 – 80,000 $30
$40,001 – 60,000 $20
$20,001 – 40,000 $15
$0          – 20,000 $0

Send checks, payable to WCML, to:

Roseanna Dufault
WCML Treasurer
202 N. Walnut Street
Yellow Springs, OH 45387