WCML Award Archive

2013 Florence Howe Award in Foreign Languages and Literatures
Michiko Suzuki, Indiana University
“The Husband’s Chastity: Progress, Equality, and Difference in 1930s Japan.” Signs 38/2 (2013): 327-52.

2013 Florence Howe Award in Anglophone Languages and Literatures
Suzanne Leonard, Simmons College
“The Americanization of Emma Bovary: From Feminist Icon to Desperate Housewife.” Signs 38/3 (2013): 647-669.

2013 Annette Kolodny Graduate Student Travel Award
Nancy el-Gendy, University of Oklahoma
“The Veil as Cultural Myth in Contemporary Arab American Female Muslim Discourse”

2012 Florence Howe Award in Anglophone Languages and Literatures
Tracy Lemaster, University of Wisconsin-Madison
“‘Girl with a pen’: Girls’ Studies and Third-Wave Feminism in A Room of One’s Own and ‘Professions for Women'”. Feminist Formations 24/2 (2012): 77-99.

2012 Florence Howe Award in Foreign Languages and Literatures
Federica K. Clementi, University of South Carolina
“Nightbirds, Nightmares and the Mothers’ Smile: Art and Psychoanalysis in Sarah Kofman’s Life-Writing.” Women in French Studies 19 (2011): 67-84.

2012 Annette Kolodny Graduate Student Travel Award for MLA
Annette Joseph-Gabriel, Vanderbilt University
“Piercing the Darkness: Women and Enlightenment in Marlon James’ The Book of Night Women.”

2011 Florence Howe Award in Anglophone Languages and Literatures
Lynne Huffer, Emory University
Title of essay:  “Are the Lips a Grave?”

2011 Florence Howe Award in Foreign Languages and Literatures

Carolyn Shread, Mount Holyoke College
“On Becoming in Translation:  Articulating Feminisms in the Translation of Marie Vieux-Chauvet’s Les Rapaces

2011 Annette Kolodny Graduate Student MLA Travel Grant
Heather Steffen, Carnegie-Mellon University
“Marking Time-to-Degree: Age Talk and the Grad-School Decade”

2010 Awards
Tracy Lemaster
“What is a Girl?:  Girls’ Studies, Girlhood Subjectivity and Sexuality, and Simone de Beauvoir”

Julie Burrell
“‘The Many Others In History’:  Alice Childress and the Unextraordinary Black Woman”

Katherine Dunagan Osborne
“Inherited Emotions:  George Eliot and the Politics of Heirlooms”

Katarzyna Marciniak
“Pedagogy of Anxiety”

2009 Awards
Annette Kolodny Award
Cystal Kurzen
“Mucha Michele Serros:  A Chicana Role Model in Cyberspace”

Florence Howe Awards
Cheryl  J. Fish
“The Toxic Body Politic: Ethnicity, Gender, and Corrective Eco-Justice in Ruth Ozeki’s My Year of Meats and Judith Helfand and Daniel Gold’s Blue Vinyl

Kathryn Everly
“Women, War, and Words in La voz dormida by Dulce Chacón”

2008 Awards
Annette Kolodny Award
Elixabete Ansa-Goicochea
“Hipnosis como alegoría ortopédica de la memoria en Caótica Ana (2007) by Julio Medem”

Florence Howe Awards
Laura Wright
“Displacing the Voice: South African Feminism and J. M. Coetzee’s Female Narrators”

Sarah E. Cooper
“Who Laughs Last? Reconfigurations of Family in Contemporary Cuban Comics”

2007 Awards
Florence Howe Awards

Diane Price Herndl
“Our Breasts, Ourselves:  Identity, Community, and Ethics in Cancer Autobiographies”

Merav Amir  + Hagar Kotef (co-authors)
“(En)gendering Checkpoints:  Checkpoint Watch and the Repercussions of Intervention”

2006 Awards
Annette Kolodny Award
Christina Roberts
“The Reclaiming of History in Contemporary Poetry by Indigenous Women of North America”

Florence Howe Awards
Jean Mills
“The Unbounded Whole: Harrisonian Ritual Structures in Virginia Woolf’s Night and Day

Juliet Lynd
“Precarious Resistance:  Weaving Opposition in the Poetry of Cecilia Vicuña”

2005 Awards
Annette Kolodny Award
Catherine Mintler
“Gendered Body Doubles:  Commodification and Consumption in the Fiction of Jean Rhys”

Florence Howe Awards
Barbara Havercroft
“(Un)tying the Knot of Patriarchy:  Agency and Subjectivity in the Autobiographical Writings of France Théoret and Nelly Arcan”

Wendy Hesford
Kairos and the Geopolitical Rhetorics of Global Sex Work and Video Advocacy”

2004 Awards
Annette Kolodny Award
Anca Parvelescu
“’So We Will Go Bad’: Manners, Cheekiness, and Woman’s Laughter”

Florence Howe Awards
Amal Amireh
“Between Complicity and Subversion:  Body Politics in Palestinian National Narrative”

Lisa Vollendorf
“Good Sex, Bad Sex:  Women and Intimacy in Early Modern Spain”



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